Out of the blue

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning (conversation got boring, you said you’re going to bed soon, so I snuck off to your bedroom — nevermind this sentence. It’s from a song, fyi. HAHAHA.) and here I am spending nights just like what I’m doing every summer and Christmas break. Because it’s already my sembreak, goodbye school for the mean time and time to be sluggish again. Hep hepp hoooraaaaayyy!

Instead of sleeping, I’m thinking earlier what should I do. Since that this guy I usually text slept too early. Sorry, if ever you’ll see this. 😛

I saw a pencil and eraser, grabbed a piece of neat paper. And resulted into this..

So obviously, I drew and I wasn’t able to finish it. I felt something, I’m not that inspired to complete that drawing. HAHA. Jk. But frankly, I’m just too lazy so I decided to stop.. =))

Any plans for sembreak? Actually I have “a lot” of plans. But those are all just plans, not sure if I’ll be able to do those. Travel somewhere, hang out with friends or with him, and my forever I-should-really-do-this.. GAIN WEIGHT. I’m so hopeless, please give me some motivation so that I’ll be determined to achieve it! Haha, seriously.

Anyway, enough for the mean time. Time to sleep! 🙂


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