To be in Seventh Heaven


Do you agree to what the iconic and classic Audrey Hepburn said? Yes. Happy girls are the prettiest. Being happy is about feeling good and having these positive vibes. Being pretty isn’t just about how we look on the outside. It is also about how girls deal with their every day lives. On how they think and act.

My personal answers on “How to be happy?” πŸ™‚

1. Be with your bestfriends and friends. Have some quality time with them.
2. Eat. Just eat. Specially sweets.
3. Listen to happy songs. Try inspirational. Or try techno and house music.
4. Dance like no one is watching.
5. Sing and feel like a diva/ pro.
6. Be more attached to your family.
7. Have some coffee at a cafe.
8. Read books.
9. Watch movies.
10. Write and compose poems, essays and articles.
11. Search some not mainsteeam in music. Indie, hippie, any genre that you want.
12. Don’t hold grudges.
13. Don’t regret things you’ve done before.
14. Don’t bring back the past. Let bygones be bygones.
15. Try something new. New activities that can be your new hobby.
16. Appreciate the little things.
17. Inspire some people.
18. Be inspired.
19. Accept people’s apology.
20. Say sorry when it’s really your fault.
21. Think happy thoughts.
22. Laugh out loud.
23. You have to feel good about yourself. Be confident.
24. Always remember “Good things come to those who wait.”
25. Exercise and be fit.
26. Eat pizza.
27. Visit an old friend.
28. Get up from your bed.
29. Take pictures.
30. Don’t let stress eat you up.
31. Enjoy what you’re doing.
32. Go to church every Sunday.
33. Try different cuisine.
34. Bake cookies and other pastries.
35. Play with children.
36. Have faith in yourself. Believe that you could do things.
37. Kiss your mom and dad when leaving.
38. Write letters to important people.
39. Smile while brushing your teeth.
40. Go window shopping with friends.
41. Shop when you have enough money.
42. Clean your room. It will make you feel more comfortable.
43. Have a pet. A dog or cat will do.
44. Play with your pet.
45. Browse photos on tumblr or weheartit.
46. Visit your grandma and grandpa.
47. Tell stories to the younger ones.
48. Ask advices from the older ones.
49. Sing Sweet Child O’Mine.
50. Try Mika’s We Are Golden.
51. During rainy days, wear sweatshirt.
52. Then eat something hot, ramen will do.
53. Or have a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.
54. Never fuss about other people’s lives.
55. Don’t forget to pray before you go to sleep.
56. Renovate your room. Make it more alive.
57. Eat an ice cream.
58. Make pancakes.
59. Put ice cream on top of your pancakes.
60. Improve yourself.
61. Try to change your style in clothes.
62. It’s okay to watch chick flicks and cry. After that, be inspired.
63. Study well.
64. Don’t procrastinate.
65. Listen to other people’s stories.
66. Stand up for what you believe in.
67. Do house chores when you’re not busy.
68. Don’t settle for mediocrity.
69. Remember the difference between love and lust.
70. Don’t play with other people’s feelings.
71. Stay true to yourself.
72. Never trust anyone from the beginning. You have to know them more before you give your trust.
73. Try riding a bicycle. Go somewhere.
74. Go to the beach.
75. Swim.
76. Have a sun-kissed skin.
77. Work.
78. Earn money.
79. Learn to play guitars.
80. Or be a drummer.
81. Brush your hair.
82. Don’t be a lazy ass. Love the showers.
83. Make bubble bath.
84. Cook.
85. If you don’t know how to cook, learn to cook.
86. Have a trip with your friends.
87. Say how much you love the people around you before it’s too late.
88. Forget the bitterness. Be the sweetest you.
89. Go star gazing.
90. Fly a kite.
91. Sing “Wake up everyone, how can you sleep Β at a time like this? Unless the dreamer is the real you.” (Jason Mraz’ Make it Mine)
92. Go to carnivals and festivals.
93. Go Island hopping.
94. Help. Be the kindest you.
95. Know your limits.
96. Or if you want, go beyond your limits. Sometimes be a badass.
97. Dream.
98. Do something to make your dreams come true.
99. Be versatile.
100. Love. Never hate. Hatred will just ruin how beautiful you are.


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