Ready to drop!

To sleep or not to sleep? That is the question. Yes, my tired eyes and hands said. No, my mind said. HAHA.

Instead of working on this reporting for Marketing for Entrep, I went somewhere earlier with my family because it was my older sister’s 20th birthday. So now, this is cramming. But I’m pretty sure later in our class, I’ll not be able to talk in front. Why? There are four or five (?) reporters left before my turn. *wow, confident!*

This week is going to be a hell week. Not because it is exams week, but because of the reports, organization meetings, preparation for the General Assembly of our org and the exact day of our GA. Pretty hectic, huh? Yep, I want it to be like this. Doing things that make me busy instead of doing nothing. Do you agree? Hashtag busy kid. Lol.

I wonder if someone is reading this again. Hello there! 🙂 Whoever you are, thanks for wasting your time reading this non-sense post. This post is not that important. Just a random post. HAHA!


Anyway, goodbye for the mean time! Have a nice life, reader! ❤


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