Tagaytay Bound!

 Last Friday (June 28, 2013), I, my older sister, borther and the parentals went to Tagaytay to visit this site that my sister need for thesis. We went there without my younger sister because she had her classes during Fridays.  

8 am:

We left the house and my dad drove the Montero. (As always. He never lets us, or my brother drive a car. Maybe he’s worried. Lol)   I was so bored. Luckily I have my phone, tab, and newspapers!


Look what I saw at my horoscope for that day. Intriguing!  

9 am:

After an hour, we went to a gas station somewhere in Cavite. (Forgot the name, crap.) My sister and my mom had a CR break, my brother and my dad still inside the car. I went outside the car to buy something to eat.  


So there’s the store and I bought two chips, Nova and Oishi ridges.  

10 am:

At last!! Tagaytay bound! We went first to Tagaytay City Hall for my sister to do what she really have to do in Tagaytay. To get important documents for the site needed for her thesis.


We waited for her for more than an hour. We were so bored. My mom and dad were busy with their phones.


Guess what were they doing ?  Playing Candy Crush! Haha. Beat that! See? They were so busy doing that. And they were not paying attention everytime I’m going to say something. 😀  


Please, don’t mind my haggard looking hair and face. I actually had a cup of coffee while waiting for my sister. And thanks again to my tab for being there. 😀  

12:30 pm:  

My sister finished tye completion of the documents needed for her thesis, thank God! We had lunch at Bulalo Point near the City Hall. Locals said that it is where you could taste the best bulalo in town!


The menu, our foods, and those musicians! Yes, musicians, they were very great and I loved the folk songs and classic songs they sang to us while we’re eating.


Of course, we had a great family bonding!! 🙂


On our way home, we stopped by at Starbucks somewhere in Tagaytay and got myself a Dark Mocha Frappe.

Mehehe. Unil then! I’ll blog another adventure of our family next time!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. abbyaguas says:

    Hi Bing!

    Your post was interesting to read! Dropping you a short comment 🙂

    I can understand naman the mood and the reasons, behind the post, and I think your post would be even more interesting dear, kung ma-smusmooth out mo yung transitions between your sentences and paragraphs.

    Medyo nabalance mo naman yung story ng post with pictures and comments[NOTE:Light ang mga messages kaya hindi nakakastrain na basahin];which was a great tool to capture your audience’s interest.

    Reading adventures of another person’s daily life is pretty interesting to other people. Kaya enjoy ka lang on being a blogger. Blog at your own pace 🙂

    Ate Joelle

    1. bingabella says:

      Hi Ate Joelle! Thanks for spending time sa pagbasa ng blog ko. I really appreciate it! 😀

      I’ll take note of your advices, ate. Mehehe.
      Godbless po! 🙂

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