Crush, eh?

When it comes to models, hot guys, handsome celebrities, I’m not that type of girl that really goes gaga. Or fangirling and other stuffs like that..

But since I saw Victor Pring, brother of the famous Joyce Pring, okay.. I was so starstrucked. Lol. I hate using words like that.. I admit, I like him! The way he talks, he acts, in front of the people.. he’s a total “cowboy” He’s not the “masyadong sosyalin” guy. He’s simple. I really really like his smile! (Very similar to her sister’s)

Me: Pa-picture po.
Victor: Sure. Pano ba? Yung sweet sweet-an ba dapat?

OMG. I went into a total freak after we had a photo. I was melting, huhu. Seriously. He’s so friendly and charming. ♥


Sorry for my “Haggardo Verzosa” face. But I just want to share how happy I was last Thursday night. 🙂


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