Waiting For Forever

Few days ago, I watched this movie, Waiting For Forever. Indie movie, I think? I’m not sure. The story is about Willy and Emma. There’s a question in that movie.. How far are you willing to wait for someone? When the thing is, you’re not sure if it is worth it or not. It is a usual story about your first love/ childhood love.


The movie isn’t a heavy drama, but for sure those who can relate will surely sypathize for the both character, specially for Willy’s. Willy and Emma had their separate lives when they were children.willy came back to their hometown, knowing that Emma is already taken. But in the end, they’ve realized one thing.. They love each other. So the story went like that.




How about you? Are you willing to wait for someone even though you’re not sure of the outcome? It is a very hard decision. For sure, it is a battle between your mind and your heart. I know that many people are having troubles with that, they don’t know if they’re ready to wait for someone they love. Even myself, honestly I’m also troubled. There are times that the question keeps on coming inside my mind. “Hey, are you going to wait for him?” Of course I’ll answer “No. I don’t know. But I’m sure there’s a lot of opportunities for me even without that someone.”


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