“THE” Michael Cinco

Are you aware of the so called “Philippine Fashion Week?” Well, I know it’s familiar to many Filipino people, specially the fashion enthusiasts.

I tried to register my email to the Philippine Fashion Week because they’re giving away passes, which will be selected randomly. I just put my email, I told myself I just want to try, let’s see what will happen. I was so lucky when I received an email from Runway productions, they gave me an invite to Michael Cinco’s show!

Michael Cinco is a well-known designer, he did gowns for America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks. He is base in Dubai, but he did join into different fashion weeks.



Here are some glimpse on what happened in Michael Cinco’s show:






It was an unforgettable experience for me. His show was phenomenal. Those gowns and dresses, they’re all breathtaking and amazing! Truly High Fashion! You’re one of the best, The one and only Michael Cinco!


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  1. bingabella says:

    Haha! Maybe the the other designs made by designers were inspired sa ibang fashion brands na kilala globally. But Michael Cinco is different, di ba? Sya ang high fashion talaga. 🙂

    1. Teh visit mo blog ko at dun mo makikita ang lahat ng mga kinokopya lang ni Michael Cinco. Sorry Teh at hindi nya kami kayang goyoin dahil super copy siya ng mga Christian Dior! Nakakaloka!

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