The Truth About Forever

After I read John Green’s Paper Towns, I decided to read Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever. It is also in my “must-read novels.” Before I have a copy of that novel, I searched it on the internet to read some reviews. And I learned that it was quiet a story, and moving according to some. The story is not just about Macy (the main character), it is also about the people around her, her family, friends, and Wes. So here’s a glimpse of what the novel is all about:


Macy, when she was young, she saw her dad lying and dying on the road. She was traumatized after that and decided to live differently. She stopped on running, became more serious in life, lessen her social life.. Even her mom, she wasn’t the same anymore. She focused more on her work. Macy’s sister, Caroline was once became rebellious during her teenage years, now she’s living with her husband. It was summer when Macy’s boyfriend, Jason have to go to Brain Camp. He left all his work to Macy, including the library. Macy did what Jason wanted, to do what works he left. She wasn’t happy with her job, she stold that to Jason through email and she told him how much she misses and loves him. After that email, Jason replied to Macy that maybe she wasn’t focused on the work, and called a break up which left Macy hurt. She decided to have a job in Wish, a catering service, where she met Wes. Wes is a sculptor, he learned scuplting when he was sent to a reform school. Macy became friends with Kristy, Bert, Monica and Delia. She had a new environment, she enjoyed the company of her new friends. There was some changes when she joined Wish, she went home late because the catering always happen during night and sometimes after work, Kristy invites Macy to join them somewhere. The wish people had a huge impact to Macy, because of them she learned to be more open, and they lessen Macy’s sadness and fear, specially Wes. Her mom was aware that her daughter had some changes. She wanted her to be “perfect” and “too nice.” Her mom wanted her to be more focus on her studies and work. Then it came to the point where Macy’s mom told her to stop seeing the Wish people..


So.. I’m not going to tell everything. Just read the novel. It is not just about Macy’s lovelife. It’s also about finding yourself, being yourself. It is inspiring, in my opinion. It’s not a typical novel that will make you cry. So don’t read if you’re just a reader of that kind of novel, I think you’ll find it hard to absorb the story. But THIS IS A MUST READ, I swear. An absolute grown up book. 4 out of 5 stars, for me. ★★★★✩


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