The Lim-Erap Issue

Earlier today, was the 2013 election of The Philippines. I’m 18 years old, legal age, but I wasn’t able to vote because I wasn’t able to register. I had some problems, so that’s why.  

I live in Manila, which is led by Mayor Alfredo Lim. I’m a scholar at Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. I believe that Mayor Lim made a huge impact to the students of PLM. He was approachable, not because we can just talk to him like a friend in person. But he made a Twitter account, which is definitely widely used social networking site aside from Facebook. If there are concerns, questions, in just a tweet, he replies. Maybe he wasn’t able to make a lot of bright city light project, but he focused mostly in crimes. Which is very impressive.  

Today is the day that the people will witness if he’ll win over the former president, Joseph Estrada. He once became a leader, made mistakes, but he said he’s changed. Are you familiar with EDSA Dos? Or also known as Second People Power Revolution. It was during 2001. I was still a kid when it happened, but I was aware of it. I knew what former president Estrada did. So technically, I you’ll ask me which of them do I like to lead Manila, I would say it’s Lim. Mayor Lim, made some mistakes, I’m aware also to those. Regarding the rumors about him that he give task to some men to kill someone. But from what i heard he only did those things to the criminals, so for me, it wasn’t a cruel thing to me. It was all punishment for their crimes.  

It happened that, this night, the COMELEC will announce who’ll be the newest mayor. According to the updates of the tallies, the former president have a big chance of winning this. Well, of course, as a Pro-Lim, I’ve said such things regarding to my hopes to my place, Manila and to the university I’m attending. I also said “Wow, goodluck Manila. Goodluck PLM.” You cannot blame me for saying those. We know what the former president did from the past. Maybe some would say that I’m being too judgemental? No, not really. I’m just worried what would happen to our place. I’m worried about PLM, I hope there would be a fair and square giving of budget. Just please, don’t be corrupt. I’m saying what’s on my mind and these are my opinions. Each one of us have the right to express what we feel. I’m sad of course, my bet wasn’t able to win. And I’m not the only who feels this way. Many were disappointed to the results, not only for the Mayor position but also in senatorial positions.   I just hope that the former president would be an effective leader. Please work neatly, and be honest to your people.  

Goodluck, Manila. Rise or fall, we can do this. 🙂


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