Another John Green Novel

I finished reading Paper Towns at exactly 3:10am.

I almost spent 7 nights or maybe less than a week just to finish Paper Towns. I wasn’t that kind of reader that will continue reading until I finish a book in just a single sitting. I usually spend my nights reading this novel from 12 midnight til past 3 or 4 in the morning. So now, I already read 4 John Green novels; The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, Abundance of Katherines, and now.. this, Paper Towns. I became frustrated in the end of this novel. I want to know more about how did Margo and Q end up? Did they do all the promises they made when Q went back to Orlando? I dont know.. I felt this way also when I read those other John Green novels too. I love that feeling, you know.. and at the same time, I hate it. Once I finished reading novels, I wanted to know more. I want a sequel. I dont want to end their stories. I just felt that those fictional characters, Margo, Q, Hazel, Augustus, Alaska and the others.. they’re connected to me. Isn’t it weird? But maybe other readers could relate to what I mean.

It’s an achievement for me to read someone’s life, to imagine what they’re doing, on what they’ve been through.. It is an amazing feeling. Reading novel is like escaping the reality for the mean time. You just sit there, grab the copy of the novel, read, read, read, until you get tired.

So now, what’s next? What novel should I read after Paper Towns? Another John Green novel? Let’s see..




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