It Was A Lucky Pick!

“What is the biggest disappointment in your life?”

This was like a one million peso question, “I should answer this correctly.” — I told myself

“The biggest disappointment in my life so far is that when I was in highschool, I became rebellious to my parents. When I got into college, I told myself that I have to change. Not only for myself but also to have a better relationship with my parents.”

This was my answer during the Q&A portion of Mr. and Ms. JES 2012. First, I never thought that the question that I would pick was a personal question. I thought it’d be a current event-related question.

I told myself before I went up to stage for our Evening wear and Q&A portion, “Relax ka lang, Bing. Isipin mo parang Rhetoric yan.” I even told that to my partner for the event, Jeamar.

I was very grateful that I have a subject like Rhetoric. It was one of the reasons why I answered the question confidently and no doubt.

September 08, 2012, I chose question #8, that’s Mama Mary’s birthday and also my older sister’s birthday. It was a good luck for me, after all.


Miss JES 2012 ♥


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