The Need of Knowledge & Courage To Speak Out

Remember last time when I told you that our midterms will be an Impromptu speaking? It already happened, just last Thursday.

Seriously speaking, I sucked.

Like the past activities, the impromptu speaking started in front, I mean alphabetically. Again, Ma’am Monje said “We’ll start with Miss Abella.” It sucks you know, it was always me. Always. HAHA! But I don’t have any hard feelings, I’m just being obedient. If Ma’am said alphabetically, ok then.

Here’s the mechanics for the impromptu speech:

  • Ma’am Monje did several questions regarding current events and issues. We have to pick only one.
  • We’ll be given 3 minutes to think about it and to construct ideas to be said.
  • After that, we’re going to answer the question. We have to discuss it.
  • The talking limit is until 3 mins, if not points will be deducted.

The question that I picked was:

“Why should lawyers pass the RH Bill?”

I was so astonished that I became blank while thinking words to say. “What should I say? Why should I say?” — That was in my mind.

I don’t know much about what RH Bill contains. The only thing that I know in relation to Reproductive Health Bill is the sex education, on how to use condoms, pills and the family planning things. I’m not even aware who the heck proposed that bill. πŸ˜€

I still can remember a couple of things that I said.

“One of the most alarming issues of today is the RH Bill or Reproductive Health Bill. Senators, congressmen, lawyers are having a hard time dealing with this bill. There are PROs and ANTIs.”

“Today’s generation are liberated that mostly some of them are having sex even they’re not in their legal age. It is important to pass this bill in order to educate the youth regarding the proper use of condoms, contraceptives, etc., and to be aware about the teenage pregnancy.”

That’s all I remembered, not the exact words but the thought were there. I was shaking while talking in front, maybe I was too nervous because I was the one who’ll start the activity. I was stuttering and mumbling. I was running out of words to say. I stopped when I saw someoneΒ raisedΒ the “2 mins” sign.

I was disappointed, of course, I told you I sucked. But later on when my seatmate was done also, we talked about it and we promised ourselves we’ll do better for the next activity, which will be an interview.

On the brighter side, this impromptu speaking was a big help to each one of us. I’ considering this activity as a challenge for us to be more confident in our speaking ability and to get use to it. What I mean is to speak out, talk freely and fearlessly. πŸ™‚


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