“Talk A Blue Streak”

Last Thursday, during our Rhetoric class, Ma’am Monje announced that we’re going to have an activity that will surely can help us in our impromptu speech. The impromptu speaking which will serve as our midterm exam for this semester.

Here’s the instructions for the activity:

Ma’am Monje will give us a phrase that we should supply words to be able to create a complete sentence and we’ll compose another sentence that could support the first sentence.

So here’s what happened..

I was of surprised because obviously, I’m not ready. I forgot that we’ll have that activity. It was kind of embarrasing when Ma’am Monje saw my reaction and said “Yung reaction ni Miss Abella, gulat na gulat oh.” She was joking, I laughed when she saw me! 😀

I heard, “Let’s do this alphabetically.” So boo me, ABELLA is my surname, I already knew I was the first one to stand in front of the class and do the activity. HAHA!

I picked a piece of paper and written into it was “Women are lucky..” I paused for some seconds and said random words. I totally forgot what I said that time. When I sat down to my chair, I told myself “Danggg, I should’ve said this..” Blahblahblah.

I would like to share this to my readers..

My TOP 3 “I can’t..” When I’m In Front of Many People:

1. I can’t look straight to the audience

I don’t know why. Of course I am not irritated at my classmates’ faces! Lol. I need something that could improve my self-confidence, I badly need it.

2. I can’t concentrate if I’m hearing someone saying words like he/she corrects me in every word that I say

Now that’s annoying! I would accept what you’re saying but please don’t correct every little detail of my sentence. That would probably lessen my confidence. I’m just saying, I’m not angry or whatever. 🙂

3. I can’t measure what I’m saying, if it still has sense and thought

Sometimes I mess things up. I can’t determine if the words that come out from my mouth has a connection to each other. Just like the activity that I told you earlier, I don’t remember the words that I said. I was like a rapper. HAHAHA! I said things so fast but not sure if those were still closely related to each other.

I think some of you realized that we have in common (Referring to the top 3 thingy.)

Thanks for spending your time reading this! Til next time! :D/


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