“The gamblers… were still more easily recognizable. They wore every variety of dress from that of the desperate thimble-rig bully, with velvet waistcoat, fancy neckerchief, gilt chains and filigreed buttons, to that of the scrupulously in-ornate clergymen than which nothing could be less liable to suspicion. Still all were distinguished by certain sodden swarthiness of complexion, a filmy dimness of eye, and pallor and compression of lip. There were two other traits moreover by which I could always detect them: a guarded lowness of tone in conversation, and a more than ordinary extension of the thumb in a direction at right angles with the fingers.”– Edgar Allan Poe, Man of the Crowd

This was the speech that I recited last time. It was the first time in our class to talk in front and deliver a speech. I memorized it and thank God for not forgetting it when I was in front of the class! But I think even though I knew all the words in that speech, I lacked something. I want to boost my confidence to talk in crowd. -__-

This was the grade and comment that Ma’am Jen Monje gave to me..

And of course, I like what she gave me. It’s average, not that low, not that high. I appreciate how our professor reacted in the speeches of each one of us, very honest and frank. It is for us to know what to practice more. BRAVVOOO! *two-thumbs up!* 🙂


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