My first entry on dealing with grammatical errors

Finally, I already figured out what to put here in my blog!

So here’s the story, it happened during our class in Accounting. I was sitting between my great pals, Joyce and Candice. Then, our professor (I forgot his name, seriously.) gave us a seat-work. He left the classroom for a while, so you know already what happened next. 🙂 We discussed the questions and of course, our answers. Haha! There was an item that we have to answer it in a sentence. Candice asked “Ano bang past tense ng withdraw?” We were so confused that time that we have to argue, but not a real argument. It was like a short discussion about the question. Thrish and Deejay said that maybe there’s no past tense for withdraw, it’s just the same. After that, I said “Baka withdrew, kasi sa draw, drew yung past tense eh.” I was thinking first if it’s withdrew or have withdrawn. Then they laughed, maybe I was wrong. No doubt! They’ll not laugh if I was correct. We just wrote “withdraw.” The day ended without knowing by us what was the real past tense of that “mysterious” word.

I searched on the internet if what’s the past tense of withdraw. I smiled because what I told them was right! After all our confusion, if it is withdrew or just the same, I was correct! 😀

Uhmm, how ’bout you in the first place, do you already know the real past tense of withdraw?



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Joysiee says:

    Withdrew? Hahahaha :))

  2. bingabella says:

    Yeah, withdrew. According to wiktionary. HAHA!

  3. irishgayle says:

    Withdrew. Uh huh! 😉

    1. bingabella says:

      HAHAHAHA! Slightly confused pa kami nung una nyan ate. 😀

      1. irishgayle says:

        Ang galing mo kung alam mo sya una pa lang 😉 ♥

      2. bingabella says:

        Haha, thanks ate Irish. 😀

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